Innovative and Energetic Company Workshop

You gave us a common understanding of what it is in our culture that gives us an “edge” and an understanding of the necessary balance between flexibility and structure – and ideas about which elements we need to keep and what has to be changed, to maintain and develop our competitiveness and innovation. We are on a long journey from “Garage Company“ to professional business, with a daily demand that we improve our methods to stay ahead of the game.
The workshop gave everyone an insight into the need to change, but also that we have to struggle to find the right balance in how we do things. Everyone in the company has different requirements in order to do their best work, but only with the right balance can we win as a team.
I liked the fresh approach to the task and the innovative methods used. I have attended many so-called “creative sessions” and often they have not been very inspiring. This one contained many new and fresher ways of working, which, more than anything else I’ve tried, activated all participants, creating a happy atmosphere and a really good day – with excellent documentation in the form of ideas and visual output.
BUT the most valuable was what happened in people – understanding, participation and to remind us that this had been really good journey so far. Finn is excellent at creating a fresh atmosphere, with good new and innovative methods, and to drive the day with a constant high pace, in a way in which the participants are excited about what is going to happen next – ALTERNATIVE AND NEW!!!

Jan Larsen, Sr. Vice President R&D and Supply Chain, INVISIO Communications A/S

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