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INNOCULTURE – a First Step Towards Systematic Innovation Management for SME’s

Finn was 100% present during our workshop. Through the INNOCULTURE game, we created an awareness of what you need to focus on when you build an innovation culture. In an easy way you get an overview of the important parameters, […]

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More Engagement and Dialogue in DPAS Annual Meeting

DPAS (The Danish Association of Pathologists) decided to do something different at their annual meeting in 2018. Normally, there are a lot of fixed elements in such meetings, e.g. general assembly, keynote speakers, scientific presentations, poster sessions etc. “We’ve experienced […]

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Perfect Assortment Strategy Workshop

In connection with FLEXA’s turnaround in 2012 we needed to have a close look at our future business possibilities. With a new overall strategy in place, my wish was to outline the framework for our product range. To help us […]

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