Innovation Camps

Innovation Camps – your two days intensive innovation workshop

If you can see the future, you can create the future.  By instigating a culture of innovation, Finn Kollerup helps organizations create their future by growing and changing in a sustainable manner. However there may be occasions when time or resources are constrained or a solution is required for a situation at hand.

Innovation camp is essentially a distillation of twenty weeks of innovation consulting into 24 hours. Innovation camp gathers your project team together and consults with you on ways to solve a real problem during the camp. Like the 20 weeks innovation consulting, you get an innovation action plan based on your own unique circumstances while keeping in mind the capabilities and resources of your innovation team.

When is innovation camp the right solution for you?

Although the benefits of a meticulously designed and implemented innovation project are manifold, there may be instances when innovation camp is a better solution. Innovation camp is for you if:

  • You don’t have resources to allocate for prolonged periods of time, yet you need to make progress now!
  • You need to create a more precise innovation assignment to make good project decisions.
  • Your team members have their own ideas and priorities about how stuff should be done.

Benefits of innovation camp

Innovation camp introduces you to key innovation concepts in real life settings. The benefit of innovation consulting in a camp setting is that the learning can then be applied in projects with broader scopes. An important element of the innovation camp is that you either solve or address a real problem, and in the process build up skills essential for systematic innovation. Alongside faster NPD, innovation camps have shown ways to improve and enhance customer experiences which, in return, helped differentiate and grow companies.

An innovation camp consists of the following steps:

  • Before the camp, we define the innovation assignment with the project or leadership team.
  • We also decide what information that should be readily available and prepared, so the participants can work with it during the camp.
  • We make a detailed camp plan, essentially by putting 20 weeks into a 24 hour time schedule.
  • We run the innovation camp, typically 2 days in an external location.
  • After the camp, we carefully document the outcomes, and debrief with the project group.


If you wish to book or know more about innovation camps do not hesitate to call us at 26 12 99 95.

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