Innovation Culture

Three reasons for creating and implementing an Innovation Culture

Kotter and Heskett studied US companies in 22 different industries over a period of eleven years. They found that companies that managed their innovation cultures well saw revenue increases of 682% as opposed to 166% for those that didn’t. The reasons – deduced from PWC’s research – why managing and implementing a culture of innovation pays off is due to:

1. Rising Customers’ Expectations

Increased competition and rising customers’ expectations are placing bargaining power in the hands of customers. Regulators demand rigorous processes while customers are evaluating the offering more carefully, putting pressures on margins. Customers want new products that are better and this challenge can only be met by implementing a culture of innovation in the organization.

2. Low Scientific Productivity

Most companies still use the same old methods for new products development. Industries have evolved and failing to create and implement a culture of innovation is phasing out those that resist the urge to come up with radically new ways of managing the business environment.

3. Cultural Sclerosis

Internal company culture, ways of doing business and strategies remain the same while the market conditions have changed. It is, therefore, incumbent for forward thinking organizations to create and implement a culture of innovation that will respond to the opportunities and threats that are there.

8 Steps to creating and implementing a culture of innovation

Superior performance is the result when the systems, leadership style and organizational structure are optimized to perform better. A culture of innovation can be implemented when visionary leaders have the drive to out-perform in the areas important to them. Yet most- close to 70%- of such efforts fail due to the ingrained organizational culture that inhibits innovation.

The solution is to work with someone who has done it before and who is aware of the constraining forces that need to be mitigated. With more than 15 years of experience from biotech and pharma, and more than 20 years experience with innovation, consulting companies such as Novo Nordisk, AbbVie, Novozymes, Pfizer, and Roche, Finn is a perfect fit for your leadership team, when it comes to providing solid consultancy regarding innovation management, strategy and leadership advice.

Finn’s steps to see through the implementation of a culture of innovation include:

  1. Definition of project scope, including goal and vision for the project are defined.
  2. In the kick-off meeting detailed project plans are laid out and resources for the project are agreed.
  3. In the leadership coaching meetings innovation projects are identified, shared and tested.
  4. Individual goals and innovation challenges are set in individual coaching.
  5. Participants experience innovation in their own work environment in the innovation project.
  6. A knowledge library is created that documents and shares all the activities.
  7. In the review phase we reflect on achievements so far, further actions and create first draft of the innovation manifesto.
  8. Innovation manifesto is prepared, results are presented to senior managers and decisions are made on next steps.

4 major benefits from our systematic approach to implementing an innovative culture

Finn works with leadership and project groups in a highly systematic, yet innovative manner, to provide optimal guidance on your innovation challenges. With your leadership team, you will experience accelerated learning about your innovation leadership practice as well as your ability to lead and inspire innovation as a group. By the end of such a project, your will:

  1. Be updated on the latest innovation knowledge, relevant to your industry
  2. Be trained in novel innovation leadership methods
  3. Have practiced your knowledge in two minor innovation projects
  4. Have written an innovation manifest, which will serve as the foundation for the further development of your innovation culture

Description of Innovation Culture Project in Danish:

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