Innovation Combination Packages

This is a novel way to offer innovation consultancy. Often we find that prices run wild, or we are perhaps not entirely sure about what intervention we want. And sometimes the budget is restricted, so the impact of our intervention becomes small. This dilemma is partly solved with our three different combination packages. Each package contains a number of units. Each intervention is in turn characterised by the number of units consumed. A small intervention will have few units, while a large intervention will have more units.

There is of course a tradeoff – the more effort/investment/time you put into an intervention, the larger the impact, and often in a disproportionate way. This is illustrated below.

The investment is a reflection of the time and money you spend on the intervention.

We have created three packages, a Basic, a Premium and a Gold Package. Each package allows you to create different combinations of your intervention. Each combination consists of a number of smaller blocks.


5.040 €315/unit
  • 5 combinations
  • Tiny investment
  • 1-2 months
  • 2 small blocks
  • 2 medium blocks


7.200 €300/unit
  • 10 combinations
  • Small investment
  • 2-4 months
  • 2 small blocks
  • 3 medium blocks


22.800 €285/unit
  • >30 combinations
  • Large investment
  • 4-12 months
  • 2 Small blocks
  • 3 Medium blocks
  • 2 Large blocks

Examples of Value Adding Consultancy Blocks

Small Blocks

Medium Blocks

Large Blocks

  • Hands-on Miro training
  • Facilitation of team meeting
  • Lightning Decision Jam with Miro
  • Advanced Miro training
  • Facilitation of executive meeting
  • Facilitation of project meeting
  • Half-day Innovation workshop with <20 participants
  • Executive Coaching (12 sessions)
  • One-day Team workshop with <10 participants
  • Half-day Open Space workshop with up to 100 participants
  • Innovation Mentoring (3 days)
  • One-day strategy workshop with up to 16 participants
  • One-day f2f or online workshop with up to 30 participants
  • Advisory Board meeting (pharma industry)
  • Assessment of Innovation Management Maturity
  • Full-day online workshop with up to 100 participants
  • Two-day f2f innovation workshop with up to 30 participants
  • Exploratory Design Sprint (2-3 days)
  • Full Design Sprint (f2f, hybrid or online)
  • Executive retreat (3 days)
  • Strategy workshop (3 days)
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