IDEKU® Process

A Guide to run an Efficient Ideku® Process

Ideku® is a systematic idea generation method, that we have used for many years. The method is based on the Lotus Blossom Technique, which we have elaborated on, the make subsequent idea development easier.


Ideku® supports the notion that great concepts arise from combination rather than selection: It is very often by combining inputs, rather than collecting and screening, that you arrive at something interesting.

You can get Ideku®  in four different forms:

  • Ordinary Ideku – tabletop version to be used with small Post-It notes
  • IdekuMEDIUM – Wall version for the square Post-Its
  • IdekuMAX – Whiteboard version with magnets for easy mounting
  • IdekuONLINE – Google docs version for virtual idea generation