Innovation Events

Fun, creative and above all ambitious and rewarding innovation events

In the beginning of the 19th century Wilbur Wright did the impossible, he circled around the Statue of Liberty as the first man ever. A truly great day for innovators all around the world.

You want your workshop, seminar or conference to be different, inspiring and creative. At the end of the day you want a real and actionable outcome, like an ideabank or a concept report, which give you and your colleagues a great starting point for developing:

  • new products
  • new services
  • new processes
  • new strategies

All based on your companies shared knowledge and possibly wildcards such as students, former competitors ….

A fully planned event, which ensures involvement/kick start

Finn Kollerup a/s provides structured design and facilitation of your seminar or conference, which ensures involvement and empowerment among the participants. Rome was not build in one day, nor can we change your company in one day either, but we can provide a good starting point and foundation for getting the innovation process started.

Change has to come from within – that means your employees, your colleagues and your managers – some of whom will not have been involved in the decision making process but still have to accept and adopt to them. This is why empowerment and involvement is so important – you have to make your employees part of the change – which we are experts at.

Turn pains into gains

We ensure an ambitious and structured idea development, based on your challenge or pain point.

  • How do we solve a specific problem?
  • We need to be more creative and more innovative
  • I cannot get all the ideas by my self

And yes, it is a big problem not knowing ones pain points, so you have to be very specific and grounded in reality.

Events with a tangible outcome

We take pride in not leaving you with a lot of post-its and handwritten templates because we know that they will fade and drop from the walls like leaves on a windy day, and be forgotten. That’s why we have specialized in documenting all your inputs from the day through:

  • Self-documenting methods and tools – e.g. using IDEKU
  • Graphic recording – a visual summary prepared by Josephine Dahl
  • Idea banks – as idea databases, or online development using Ideanote
  • Concept reports – an analysis and cross pollination of your ideas put into concepts

The format, methods and processes we work with allows for the concepts to be scaled up and down in size and scope, running for 10 participants up to 300.