Innovation Knowledge

Finn Kollerup has a long history of teaching and mentoring people who want to learn more about creativity and innovation, and those who want innovation skills in-house.

We offer this in different forms:

  • Keynote speaker
  • Innovation training

Both the keynote and the innovation training builds on breakout sessions, dialogues and hands on experience with different methods and tools – you won’t be bored..

Innovation expert keynote presentations

Our goal is to expand your understanding of the concepts of creativity and innovation, by using metaphors, stories and humour in a high energy presentation. We are strong believers in dialogue and action-based work, which means that we often use small breakouts during the presentation where the participants discuss what they have been hearing.

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Creative and innovative skills in-house

Creativity and innovation skills are not something that belong to a certain personality or type. We know that these qualities can be learned and trained. By giving people the chance to work with the right tools and methods they can accomplish great results within your company.

We tailor your training program so that it fits your needs both in terms of content and time. This means that we can either plan an accelerated process where we are together for a couple of days, or design a program where we meet up once a week for a couple of months, in which we create the opportunity to work with the new tools and methods at home and get feedback.

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