Innovation Projects

Innovation is all about timing

Innovation projects are very much about timing – the question you must always ask yourself is “is this innovative enough, according to the innovation assignment we have created?”. That question may be tough to answer if you are going for radical innovation, or a little bit easier if you are looking for incremental innovation.

In an ordinary project, your key concerns are time, resources and quality, and your key questions will revolve around these parameters. When you manage innovation projects it is essential to shield the project (and the project team) against the demands from the running business.

We deliver innovation projects in four different shapes and forms:

  • Innovation Strategy. Making innovation a strategic objective to outperform competition and excite customers in a crowded market. For the long run you would have developed a specific action plan to help you manage innovation in your organization. You would have a good understanding of when and how to apply tools in order to boost your innovation management performance. During this proces we will develop and monitor an innovation management strategy that will help build and manage innovation in product, process, marketing methods; new methods in business practice, work place organization or external relations.

if you want a coherent and efficient innovation system.

  • Innovation Culture Project. Trains innovation agents to be capable of developing an effective innovation culture in the organisation. We do this by teaching innovation management, innovation methods & tools, and the development of innovation culture through group dialogue, individual coaching, and small-scale internal innovation projects. The final deliverable is an innovation manifesto, which serves as a foundation for development of a sustainable innovation culture in the organisation.

If you need to develop your innovation leadership,
a CULTURE project is a good starting point.

  • Innovation Camps. An intensive 2-day full-immersion workshop, where your project group or leadership team dives into an intense development process, using many of the methods from FORTH, or from an Innovation Culture project. A camp is less resource demanding, but can serve as a good decision base to embark on a more comprehensive project. With a camp, you will create the initial framework for your innovation assignment, and will also get a clear picture of where your most likely innovation possibilities are, in the sweet spot defined by the overlap between your capabilities and your customers needs.

Consider a CAMP If you are short of resources but rich in ideas,
and need to get moving on it.

  • FORTH Innovation Project. A 20-week endeavour, involving a project team of 8-12 people, with substantial top management support. Such a project takes a man-year, and is a scientifically proven, fixed price project with guaranteed results. At the end of a FORTH Innovation Project, you have 2-3 Mini New Business Cases, which can be transferred directly to the beginning of your project pipeline, to be further developed into innovative products, service concepts, or business models. With FORTH Innovation, we more than double the success of your innovation projects.

Use FORTH If you have have an innovation project
where you must deliver.