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“RUSK op i din kreativitet” is the Danish edition of Roger von Oech’s ”A whack on the side of the head – how to be more creative”. The book is a perfect guide on how to overcome mental blocks and set your imagination free.

The book is filled with fun illustrations, provocative puzzles, anecdotes, exercises, metaphors, questions, stories and tips. The guide opens up your mind to creative thinking, and makes you look at things with fresh eyes.

Roger von Oech’s book has been praised by educators, business people, scientists, youth leaders and artists. The book has stimulated the creativity of millions of readers worldwide.

Language: Danish

KreativitetsSPILLET® is a creative tool, based on the fact that sometimes we need to be “whacked” out of our habitual thought patterns and look at what we’re doing in a fresh way.

The game consists of 64 cards, each featuring a different strategy. Some highlight places to find new information. Others provide techniques to generate new ideas. Some give decision-making advice. And many give you the “kick” you need to get your ideas into action.

The 64 different creative thinking strategies will enhance every player’s creativity.
Complete instructions are included.

Language: Danish

Price: DKK 555,00

Shipping: DKK 0,00

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