Charlotte Rosenberg

Charlotte Rosenberg and her company nownow has expertise in Visual Strategies. She is a pioneer in the field, being one of the first Graphic Facilitators in Denmark.

Charlotte is the founder of visualising the strategy into one visual metaphor.

Finn and Charlotte have done lots of visualization projects together. They transform the complex structure of the strategy into a visual metaphor and guide the process of transforming the strategy into one overall picture.

Why is this important?

It is excellent for communication the strategy –> clear navigation of the strategy, easy to understand and very attractive
It generates motivation and ownership
The process of designing the picture demands clear and mutual understanding among those creating it
It is a powerful tool for dialogues and presentation
It makes the strategy alive, we also call it ”Living the Strategy”
Charlotte co-works with amazing illustrators and graphic designers, which gives the client the possibility of choosing any style and form. Anything is possible – even a virtual reality strategy!

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