Human Potential

Innovation projects are very much about timing – the question you must always ask yourself is “is this innovative enough, according to the innovation assignment we have created?”. That question may be tough to answer if you are going for radical innovation, or a little bit easier if you are looking for incremental innovation.

In an ordinary project, your key concerns are time, resources and quality, and your key questions will revolve around these parameters. When you manage innovation projects it is essential to shield the project (and the project team) against the demands from the running business.

We develop Human Potential in three different shapes and forms:

Innovation Workshops

Our innovation workshops are designed to deliver rapid tangible results. A typical workshop lasts 1 or 2 days, and is carefully designed to accommodate your wishes.

Use an Innovation Workshop to kickstart a systematic innovation process.

Innovation Projects

If your innovation challenges are more complex (e.g. involving many stakeholders), we will design an Innovation Project, to ensure that all voices are heard and all aspects are covered.

Consider an Innovation Project if your innovation challenges are complex.

Innovation Training

Our back catalogue of methods and tools is huge and always under development, so we can serve most of your Innovation Training needs.

If you need Innovation Training, basic or advanced, look no further!

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