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Tangible Innovation

We are experts in innovation management, workshops, projects, and training.

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Virtual Innovation

We design and facilitate online meetings, conferences and workshops.

Design Sprints

With design sprints you get fast results, from 1 hour sprints to 5-day projects, f2f and online.

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Human Potential

We develop your people, your project teams or leadership groups, f2f and online.

Rough Diamond

With Rough Diamond you get a crystal clear picture of your innovation – literally.

Revitalisation of our Network Group with Zoom, Mural and Excellent Facilitation

We finally got a meeting in the network again – and it
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Our Prototype is now used by 8 Municipalities

The collaboration with Finn Kollerup was very rewarding for us. He inspired our
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High Profile Online Summit with 100+ Participants

Our task was to facilitate an efficient process and collect the results
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Conference and Design Sprint around Health Data

Finn facilitated a conference and a design sprint to help us take
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INNOCULTURE – a First Step Towards Systematic Innovation Management for SME’s

Finn was 100% present during our workshop. Through the INNOCULTURE game, we
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More Engagement and Dialogue in DPAS Annual Meeting

DPAS (The Danish Association of Pathologists) decided to do something different at
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Systematic Ideation Workshop with Nutrition Experts

We got systematics and structure on the ideas we had. Also, the
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Hackathon with a Twist

We had several goals with the hackathon: To bring different departments together
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Development and Communication of IT Strategy

We involved a large number of teachers and students to develop our
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Excellent Innovation Keynote Speaker

We have benefited greatly from using Finn Kollerup as an innovation keynote
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Perfect Assortment Strategy Workshop

In connection with FLEXA’s turnaround in 2012 we needed to have a
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Innovation Culture Project

We’ve got the word on the table, and created a common internal
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