Josephine Dahl

profile-joseI have been employed at Finn Kollerup since 2012, initially as an intern, where I had the task of creating an internal innovation project, this lead to employment, during which time I also finished my degree in Visual Culture at the University of Copenhagen.

I was first introduced to a systematic approach to creativity and innovation at the University of Copenhagen, through my minor in Creative Processes and Innovation. This gave me a theoretical framework that I have continued to develop throughout my time at Finn Kollerup a/s.

My passion lies at the core of innovation, which for me is all about creativity and the process of cross-pollination. This is not only about ones own experiences and ideas, but it is also about helping other people discover new solutions to problems, by using different creative techniques and methods.

Besides designing and facilitating workshops, meetings and seminars, I also work as a graphic recorder. Graphic recording is one of the methods used in Finn Kollerup a/s to document what happens. I also create hand drawn presentations and movies.

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