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Keynote presentations on creativity and innovation

Finn Kollerup is available for keynote presentations at corporate events and conferences.

Deep Subject Knowledge

We aim to expand your knowledge and understanding of the concepts of creativity and innovation. Is it extremely important for us to stress the fact that innovation is a professional skill and competence that, like any other, can be learned or trained, and that the knowledge and the tools and methods surrounding innovation and creativity, like any other field, need to be updated and brushed up.

Finn has written several books about creativity and innovation, including the Danish bestseller “Innovation for ildsjæle og vandbærere” and has held numerous keynote presentations for many private and public organisations. Whether it is in front of a group of eight people or three hundred, he provides valuable and new insight/information about creativity and innovation.

Dialog and Action Based

Depending on the time frame, we plan for an in-action and dialog based way of hearing, learning and experiencing creativity and innovation. That’s way we aim at incorporating small breakouts in the program, so that the participants gets a chance to discuss, share and ask questions during the presentation.

We know how painful it can be sitting through a boring speech, so we keep things fast paced and use metaphors, stories and humour to create a presentation that is educational, motivational, and entertaining.

Capture the Main Points and Keep Them Alive

At keynote presentations we make sure that the main points get captured through graphic recording. A graphic recording is made up of individual illustrations and written summaries, of what is said in the room.

The results are big posters, a small book or a leaflet that create inspiration, whilst offering an overview. It’s a good tool both to retell and recall what happened in the room, as well as to anchor the essence of the presentation keeping the main points alive long after the event.

What Do You want to Hear about?

We have different topics that you can choose from:


If you wish to know more do not hesitate to call us at 26 12 99 95.

Opening hours

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