Innovation Training

Learn new innovation tools and methods

Innovation training gives you and your co-workers the skills to think, act and operate creatively and innovatively in your daily work. At the same time it gives you the skills to design and facilitate processes where other people’s creativity comes into play.

Get innovation skills in-house

In every company there is a need to think and act creatively and innovatively, not only in relation to the product or service you deliver or sell to your end-customer, but also in relation to “the way things are done”.

From the course you can expect:

  • An introduction to the field of creativity and innovation
  • Inspiration, tools and methods to think and act creatively and innovatively in your daily work
  • Tools to facilitate creative and innovative processes, such as e.g. our systematic idea generation tool IDEKU (free download)
  • Overview of what you need to do to develop your innovation practice, through playing INNOCULTURE, our innovation board game

Design thinking

We will take you through the different stages of design thinking process:

  • Inspiration: How to observe and learn from your customers, for example. How to look for the opportunities to innovate in a structured manner
  • Ideation: brainstorming, idea development, prototyping, testing
  • Implementation: making the business case


Furthermore the course gives you tools to facilitate such a process when you return to your organization. Which means you will learn:

  • How to facilitate creative processes
  • Visual facilitation – how to communicate through a different medium
  • Dialogue methods for sharing insights

The course/training can be planned as an intensive course, where we go to a new location and stay there for 3 or more days or it can be spread out over a couple of weeks, which includes homework and hands on experience with the different methods and tools that you will learn during the course.

Finn Kollerup has trained at different institutions of higher education, such as Aalborg University, DTU, CBS, Niels Brock, Netværk Danmark, and also been an external examiner. Furthermore he has trained several masterclasses at ECCO, LEO Pharma and Roche.

A basic training course is an excellent entry to dive into dedicated innovation work, e.g. with an Innovation Camp, A FORTH Project, or development of your Innovation Culture.


If you wish to know more do not hesitate to call us at 26 12 99 95.

Opening hours

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