Creativity with a Business Oriented Mindset

I have experienced that my employees take greater responsibility for their own results, and are more accountable for their own contribution. Everybody are much more engaged in project activities, have greater passion about their work, and greater courage to contribute to the renewal of processes and solutions.

This project have contributed to the development of our people  to be more proactive, and to provide conclusions rather than just raw data. Our employees now manage to redeem their creativity with a business oriented mindset.

I have had the pleasure to work with Finn in several projects since 2008. Finn is great at staging the right framework, and to facilitate change and innovation processes. Finn’s contribution is crucial in these projects, despite the fact that most of the work must be carried out internally – by ourselves.

Since the work of change and innovation often brings you into unknown territories, many are uncomfortable and may respond reluctantly or sluggish; therefore, it is crucial that the facilitator can push and buoy people AND create a pleasurable atmosphere – and Finn is outstanding here. As a former employee in Pharma industry it also helps a lot that Finn understands our world.

Karsten Petersson, Principal Scientist & Project Lead at LEO Pharma A/S

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