Innovation Workshop for Insulation Products

Finn was very good at structuring the process, and to get as much as possible out of our innovation workshop. We also realised that we need to prepare even better next time, by establishing a complete overview of the strengths and weaknesses of our product / system, so that we can be even more specific in our development of new concepts.

We were surprised to learn that we had a somewhat limited overview of our product and manufacturing, and to learn how users (the installers) perceive our product, and how they rate it against competitor products. Thus, we have sharpened our focus, and have realised that we have to involve the installers much more when we develop new products and associated services.

As a consequence, we have built a full-scale test facility on our innovation factory which we will test existing and new products. We will involve installers from 4-5 countries and get their direct feedback (positive as well as critical) so that we can have a clear starting point for our subsequent innovation work. We have also launched a project group to create a root cause analysis of the product-related challenges we have at our factories and how we can improve the situation.

Peter Binderup Hansen, Senior Research Engineer at Rockwool International A/S

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