We Made a Convincing Prototype in Just 5 Days

In one week, we created a convincing software program mock-up, which we tested with 5 users on the last day. The mock-up was used shortly after to successfully convince our management team that this project should be prioritised.

Since this is rather new, we haven’t developed the final product yet. But the detailed scoping of the project is much easier with a mock-up as background material.

By high quality guidance from Finn, we managed to get the project stripped to the bone very fast. Hereby it was easy to focus on the right things at the right time. By dedication and timely planning, it just worked out very well. Finn was very dedicated and precise, and putting forward the right questions at the right time. I was thrilled to work with Finn, and with this sprint, we managed to pass the start gate of the project.

Søren H. Mogensen, Wind Resource Expert, Vestas Wind Systems

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