More Engagement and Dialogue in DPAS Annual Meeting

DPAS (The Danish Association of Pathologists) decided to do something different at their annual meeting in 2018. Normally, there are a lot of fixed elements in such meetings, e.g. general assembly, keynote speakers, scientific presentations, poster sessions etc.

“We’ve experienced how a poster session can be done in a novel way in a scientific healthcare context. Instead of presenting to a large group of people, presentations were made for small groups and repeated several times. In this way, our young pathologists got a chance to present their results more than once. This resulted in much more dialogue. .

We’ve got the courage to continue along this path. It would be great, in 2019, to build on the success of this year, e.g. to establish more dialogue, instead of the usual presentations. We want to create new ways to conduct scientific meetings in our association.”

Anja Brügmann, Consultant Pathologist at Aalborg University Hospital, Head of Department of Pathology

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