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Revitalisation of our Network Group with Zoom, Mural and Excellent Facilitation

We finally got a meeting in the network again – and it was much needed! Throughout the network’s 7-year lifespan, all our meetings had been ...
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Our Prototype is now used by 8 Municipalities

The collaboration with Finn Kollerup was very rewarding for us. He inspired our participants to think about their everyday challenges in a new way. Finn challenged ...
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More Engagement and Dialogue in DPAS Annual Meeting

DPAS (The Danish Association of Pathologists) decided to do something different at their annual meeting in 2018. Normally, there are a lot of fixed elements ...
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Perfect Assortment Strategy Workshop

In connection with FLEXA’s turnaround in 2012 we needed to have a close look at our future business possibilities. With a new overall strategy in ...
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Innovation WorkshopsProcess FacilitationTestimonials

You Always Deliver Top Notch Facilitation

We have worked with you on many projects, at network events, Case Competitions, innovation camps and stakeholder meetings. Each time we have collaborated, I have ...
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Four Great Innovation Books of 2016

So Much to Read, So Little Time In 2016, I’ve read around 30 innovation books. Four of them stand out. Here is why. The books ...
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Case Study – Using Visual Feedback to Leverage Innovation

Activating the Innovation Culture in the Entire Organisation Recently, I facilitated a workshop with 10 people. I’ve been working with these people for almost a ...
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Should Everyone be involved in Innovation?

Is it true that everybody should be involved in innovation projects? We’ve all heard the statement that “everybody is creative”, and you should “follow your ...
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INNOCULTURE – The Board Game about Innovation Culture

Now You can Work with Innovation Culture based on Best Practices Many companies struggle to develop their innovation culture, and often their starting point is ...
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