High Profile Online Summit with 100+ Participants

Our task was to facilitate an efficient process and collect the results from a high-profile meetingA special factor was that the schedule was enormously tight. We had to recruit 100 participants and design the entire process in one week. Finn introduced us to a new on-line visual collaboration platform (Miro). This was instrumental for the successful design, execution and documentation from the summit. Finn made us feel confident and safe with Miro, despite the fact that it was completely untested ground for the ministry.
At the summit, many different stakeholders discussed how to cope with covid-19. The results of the summit were documented in a detail that could not have been achieved by conventional techniques. Very convincing! This very extensive data set will be “fuel” for many projects for a long time. Building the personal relationship and trust has been very valuable. It is something you can return to when the need arises again. Finn is excellent at the creative – the demanding – the difficult – and the challenging.
The summit was a huge success for the top management, the Minister, and for the participants. The participants felt that they had a real opportunity to contribute. And even more important, that they were heard and taken seriously.
Martin E. Vigild, Chief Advisor, Ministry of Higher Education and Science
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