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Our Prototype is now used by 8 Municipalities

The collaboration with Finn Kollerup was very rewarding for us. He inspired our participants to think about their everyday challenges in a new way. Finn challenged ...
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High Profile Online Summit with 100+ Participants

Our task was to facilitate an efficient process and collect the results from a high-profile meeting. A special factor was that the schedule was enormously tight. ...
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Design SprintsInnovation ProjectsInnovation WorkshopsTestimonials

Conference and Design Sprint around Health Data

Finn facilitated a conference and a design sprint to help us take the next step in a complicated process. Our aim was to leverage data to ...
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Hackathon with a Twist

We had several goals with the hackathon: To bring different departments together – which do not usually talk to each other; to create an innovation ...
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Innovation ProjectsTestimonials

Innovation Culture Project

We’ve got the word on the table, and created a common internal understanding of what obstacles we must overcome to become more innovative. So far ...
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