Revitalisation of our Network Group with Zoom, Mural and Excellent Facilitation

We finally got a meeting in the network again – and it was much needed! Throughout the network’s 7-year lifespan, all our meetings had been with physical attendance. We needed to re-orient ourselves, on top of canceled meetings and doubts about the way forward. Finn helped us start a great dialogue about the network’s potential in the virtual age. This was very valuable for us.

It surprised me how diverse a virtual tool Mural is. We used it in our planning, the facilitation of the meeting, and for meeting minutes. This requires a good and knowledgeable introduction, like the one we got from Finn! But then great potential also opens up in the use of Mural in the virtual set-up. This project was a clear extension of my way of understanding virtual meetings. This meeting was a success for several reasons:

  • A thorough preparation of organisers and participants. This included design, mind-setting through a Qvest process, and onboarding (Mural and Zoom).
  • The concrete facilitation of the virtual meeting.
  • Interaction between Zoom and Mural.
  • Last, but not least, a very pleasant and constructive collaboration with Finn!

The workshop gave us input to relevant meeting themes. We will propose three of the themes for the network’s three annual meetings next year.

The network is up and running again – with the opportunities provided by virtual meetings!

Mads Kristoffer Lund, Network Coordinator, Development Consultant, BFA

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