Development and Communication of IT Strategy

We involved a large number of teachers and students to develop our IT strategy. The skilled facilitation and structured process design from Finn Kollerup allowed us to get a broad discussion and a precise scope for our strategy.

We generated 565 ideas, which were subsequently narrowed down to 11 strategy concepts. The process has created a greater mutual understanding between the IT department and the rest of the organisation. The strategy has definitely given us a common direction for the development of our future IT services. It is amazing how well structure and creativity can work together, when it’s done properly.

The most valuable part for us was that Finn documented and facilitated the process after the event, helping  us not only to formulate the concepts, but also to visualise the strategy. This made the communication much more powerful than a traditional written document.

The result for us was an IT strategy with support from employees and managers, and a very efficient communication of the strategy.

Kaare Rubak, IT Director, Technical Education Copenhagen

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