Innovation Strategy

Innovation StrategyInnovation WorkshopsRough DiamondTestimonials

Development and Communication of IT Strategy

We involved a large number of teachers and students to develop our IT strategy. The skilled facilitation and structured process design from Finn Kollerup allowed …

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Innovation StrategyInnovation WorkshopsProcess FacilitationTestimonials

Perfect Assortment Strategy Workshop

In connection with FLEXA’s turnaround in 2012 we needed to have a close look at our future business possibilities. With a new overall strategy in …

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Innovation StrategyInnovation WorkshopsTeam DevelopmentTestimonials

Systematic Executive Strategy Workshop

Finn Kollerup facilitated the generation of input to a new business plan for us, in our Raise the Bar strategy project. As a result, we …

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Innovation StrategyRough Diamond

5 Steps to Make Your Innovation Strategy Memorable

Consider the following two scenarios: A Beautiful Picture The auditorium was packed. More than 100 people sat and prepared themselves for a presentation of the …

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