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Development and Communication of IT Strategy

We involved a large number of teachers and students to develop our IT strategy. The skilled facilitation and structured process design from Finn Kollerup allowed ...
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Innovation WorkshopsRough DiamondTestimonials

Development of Common IT Project Model

With this workshop, we got the entire department engaged, and created a greater awareness and ownership of our common IT project model. We were amazed ...
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Rough DiamondTestimonials

Kick-off, Visualisation and Project Handbook for Large Clinical Trial

We facilitated two workshops, and designed the project handbook for the largest clinical trials ever conducted by Novo Nordisk. The whole trial was illustrated through ...
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Innovation StrategyRough Diamond

5 Steps to Make Your Innovation Strategy Memorable

Consider the following two scenarios: A Beautiful Picture The auditorium was packed. More than 100 people sat and prepared themselves for a presentation of the ...
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Case Study – Using Visual Feedback to Leverage Innovation

Activating the Innovation Culture in the Entire Organisation Recently, I facilitated a workshop with 10 people. I’ve been working with these people for almost a ...
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