Innovation Culture Project

We’ve got the word on the table, and created a common internal understanding of what obstacles we must overcome to become more innovative. So far we have reached a common understanding and momentum to change the innovation culture and organization.

Finn has used ‘Dynamic Facilitation’ very efficiently to get a small group of people to truly and honestly get in depth with challenges and solutions. The project has created better dialogue and understanding between different layers in the organization.

We are far from finished and I look forward to that the Innovation Agent Project also leads to that we identify and implement behavioral changes.

Finn’s great strength is to create enthusiasm and confidence and quickly getting to the important core by asking the right questions. As an offshoot of the project with Finn we have made a simple, but value-added, project portfolio management process.

Morten Lindow, Leader, Bioinformatics, Roche Innovation Center Copenhagen A/S

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