Innovation at Roskilde Festival 2015

This Saturday, I attended the Roskilde Festival with a Day Pass, earned because I facilitated a creative workshop for volunteers involved in the Dream City project. Dream City is sort of a Danish version of Burning Man.

Anyways, we were really looking forward to spend a day in sunny Roskilde. And it was a great day, with an appropriate grande finale with Paul McCartney at Orange Scene.

The Roskilde Festival is huge, and tremendously well organised. This Saturday, Roskilde Festival was the fourth largest city in Denmark, with more than 130.000 participants. And despite the fact that the festival has been running since 1971, there is still room for innovation:

New Wristbands


When we arrived at the check-in, we got wristbands, with a new design (barbs instead of clips) – it saves work when you get the wristband, but means that every time you pass a check point, the staff pulls your wrist band slightly, to make sure that it has not been tampered with :-)

Tree Urinals and Dropbuckets


Handling human waste is always an issue at festivals, and here we saw orange urinals attached to every tree, in collaboration with Dansk Landbrug, and the Danish designed DropBucket.

Mobile Charging Everywhere


Lots of charging stations, where you could buy battery packs for your smartphones.

These innovations will of course percolate into ordinary life as well, and maybe with a twist:

  • What if you had un-charging stations, where you made sure that your smartphones were completely dead, so you could immerse yourself in whatever experience, without being concerned about the next Instagram post or selfie?
  • Or what if you designed urinals for women, that were as easy to use as urinals for men?

If you would like to know more about how we can help you with systematic, tangible innovation, please stay in touch :-)

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