Perfect Assortment Strategy Workshop

In connection with FLEXA’s turnaround in 2012 we needed to have a close look at our future business possibilities. With a new overall strategy in place, my wish was to outline the framework for our product range. To help us with this, we hired Finn to design and run an Assortment Strategy Workshop. In this process, we were introduced to the workshop form and a multidisciplinary approach in FLEXA, and designed the perfect workshop in collaboration with the company. During this project, Finn really listened to our challenges, and showed great commitment in all phases. The yield of the workshop was an overview of our current wide product range, and a common overview of the framework for our future range. Today we are no longer a bed specialist, but a full room provider for children, and we are much more consumer oriented.

Kristine Schmidt, Head of Product Management and Development, Flexa4Dreams A/S

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