Systematic innovation that creates change and measurable results

What we do

Tangible Innovation Results

With us on board on your innovation project, we guarantee that you will get results – because we have 20+ years of experience, and because our methods are systematic, structured, and rooted in the latest innovation knowledge.

Manage your innovation

Passionate Innovation Events

We design and facilitate innovation in seminars, workshops, or conferences, to generate lots of ideas through systematic ideation sessions, or to discuss innovation challenges in small or large groups.

Involve your organisation

Leveraged Innovation Knowledge

We deliver the latest and most relevant innovation knowledge, through keynote speeches or innovation training. With the latest insights and the best innovation tools and processes, you increase the odds for innovation success.

Train your people

Why we can help

Years of experience

Finn Kollerup has 15 years of experience in the biotech and pharma industry, and 20+ years of experience in innovation strategy.

Highly Systematic Approach

We plan all our innovation assignments meticulously, to ensure that we address the relevant problems with suitable processes and the relevant people.

Measurable results

We document our projects in a highly structured and visual manner, paving the way for better communication in connection with innovation culture and innovation camps.

Strong Innovation Management Drives Innovation Performance


Innovation Management Practices are Important drivers for Innovation Performance Recently, I read the research article “The Impact of Strategic Innovation Management Practices on Firm Innovation Management”. The article is written by Faruk Kalay and Gary S. Lynn, in “Research Journal […]

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Case Competition With Exciting New UNDP Concepts


3 Challenges, 26 Students, 13 Countries Recently, I facilitated a Cleantech Case Competition, arranged by the University of Copenhagen. The competition was based on challenges defined by Novozymes, which were based on UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), which I have […]

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How to Make Ambitious and Inspiring Questions

Girl asking question

Dad, Why Can’t I have the Picture Right Away? This question was asked by a little girl on an afternoon in 1944. It was her birthday, and snapshots were taken. The father worked for Kodak, and knew all the good […]

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